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Create and Configure Container Template

In this section we will create a container template that we can use to apply to any conference to turn it into a Work Order conference. You can apply rules, permissions, resources and view properties for a template and then apply that template to any conference.

In your groups folder

  1. Create a new Container Template.Group
  2. Name it IT Work Order CT
  3. Change the Views/Resources: to Default Template View

Add Resources

  1. Click on the Resources button to open the Resources Folder for the Container
  2. Copy the resources from your IT Work Order conference Rules folder to this folder using <CTRL> Drag (option drag on Mac)

Change Model View

  1. Click on Model View
  2. Dismiss the launch bar panel as it is not applicable
  3. Split horizontal
  4. Set the top pane to View by Icon with the ITRequest.jpg background (exactly as you did with the conference)
  5. Set the bottom pane to have variable height rows

Set Permissions

  1. Click on Permissions
  2. Check Use View From Server
  3. Set form to use as Custom IT Work Request
  4. Set reply preference to Reply Sender

Create a new Work Order Conference

  1. Create a New Standard Conference and give it any name you like
  2. Set the permissions to Do Not Publish in Directory
  3. Assign the IT Work Order CT to the Belongs to: field

Verify and Test

  1. Verify that the conference now appears as the original IT Work Order conference.
  2. Set appropriate permissions on this conference as you did for the original conference and test.